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Sexuality education in the US does not set up our youth for success. Tabu Edu exists to provide relevant, meaningful, medically accurate content to fill the gaps. Our comprehensive programs take a holistic approach by addressing questions about consent, healthy relationships, body image, birth control, and more. We equip young adults with the tools to make informed decisions that reflect their values and identities. Whether you're a university administrator, parent, educator, doctor, or HR exec, we've got relatable and reliable solutions to fit your needs.

Who knows better than you that "knowledge is power"? Knowledge facilitates meaningful, imperative conversations and informed decision making. The restriction of accurate health education leads to misinformation from peers, the Internet, the latest Top 40's hits, and popular Netflix shows. Sex education should not be passive and left to outside influences. Choose Tabu Edu to help create a safe space where your students (or children) feel comfortable asking questions and can rely on trustworthy, judgement-free answers. Better yet, with our training and guides, young people will feel empowered to navigate these delicate (but crucial) conversations on their own and with each other.



We champion the right for all people to make informed decisions about their health, bodies, and relationships. Knowledge is power!


Core Team


Mia Davis (she/her)

Founder & CEO · Salesforce · BS, Stanford University


Marcy Gooberman (she/her)

Visual Designer · Cosmopolitan Magazine · BFA, The Maryland Institute College of Art


Paula Schicchi (she/her)

Marketing Intern · Peer Health Exchange · BA, New York University


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Leah Millheiser, MD

OB/GYN · Director of Female Sexual Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center


Elizabeth Schroeder, EdD, MSW

Award-winning sexuality educator, trainer, and author · Former Executive Director, Answer


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