How do we empower young adults to make healthy decisions?

The average age young people in the US have sex for the first time is 17, which is also the age many students are when they start college. By age 20, over 70% of adolescents have had sex.

College is a special time for young adults, as they leave home for the first time and begin to discover who they are without the direct support of parents and guardians. Many students will engage in their first sexual experiences and relationships during this time, while simultaneously balancing active social lives and academics.

As administrators and residential life directors, you have the powerful opportunity to prepare students for the real world beyond how to deal with finals week exams or navigate office hours. You have a platform to teach young adults about emotional and sexual intelligence. 83% of teenagers did not receive formal sex education before they first had sex, which means that universities are now in the unique position to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. Why not empower them to make thoughtful decisions that best reflect their values?

What does sex education look like for college students?

At Tabu Edu, we take a holistic approach to sexuality education by specifically addressing the realities for university students and equipping them with the tools to apply critical information in their everyday lives. We do so by focusing on consent, STIs (prevention and treatment), body image, communication, and healthy relationships. Comprehensive sex education sets students up with the proper tools to navigate healthy relationships, understand and respect boundaries, and gain autonomy over their bodies. This is critical for adolescent development in its application toward learning effective communication skills, improving self esteem and confidence, and fostering inclusive educational environments.